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Often people try to curb chronic pain through prescribed medication or over the counter drugs. This, as you know, becomes costly and may, in the long run, be harmful to the body. Therefore, Wee Pain recommends exercises that will help to decrease pain and ultimately require no further medication. Before selecting any activities, one should consult their physician to confirm that it will not put them in any harm.

Combining cardio, distending, strength, and relaxation workouts will gradually help to ease the pain. Cardio exercises include jumping ropes, burpees, squats, jumping jacks, and jogging in place. These might be strenuous for someone experiencing chronic pain; hence simpler alternatives can be sought. Hiring an expert to hold your hand in this journey is critical if you want the best results.

Here are some of the exercises that one can consider;


Walking 3-5 times a week and for thirty minutes, each builds endurance, strength, and health of the heart. You do not have to walk thirty minutes for the beginning, but you can keep improving.


It is recommended for people with mobility problems. It is therapeutic, avoids stress on muscles and joints. It is a low circulatory workout and a more significant way of clearing the mind and improving concentration.


Relaxing gives relief to painand improves the general well-being of the body. There are many ways for one to relax their body and mind. Some of the simple procedures that one can do at home to relax are;

Foursquare breathingis a relaxation technique that requires you to breathe in filling up the abdomen deeply. The next step is to dispel slowly feeling your body contract at the count of four as you inhale and exhale until you feel a total relaxation in your entire system.

A hypnotherapist can induce hypnosis, such as ‘havinga sound sleep at night.’  You can record on tape or download songs to listen towhile at home

Mindful meditation allows one to observe their breathing quietly. If thoughts or pain interfere, avoid pushing them away instead, cloud them with positivity

Stretching helpsrelieve tension and stiffening in the neck and lower back.Lie with your back on the floor; hug yourself gently by wrapping your arms around your knees and pull them toward the chestRock from side to side and feel a stretch in your low back and hips

Lie on your left side with the head on the floor for a minute.Repeat this on your right-hand side. This allows for even airflow in the body and relaxation of the muscles.

Toughening exercises

They help improve the core strength and stability of joints by strengthening the muscles around them.Sufficient core strength is unavoidably essential. It helps to keep proper posture that, if not, could lead to other damaging injuries. Some of the exercisesone can do without any help are numerous. Tutorials on the internet are a good place to start.

Note- the above exercises are for building endurance, stability, and muscle strengthening. They do not require workout equipment, but the body to help itself become well, breath and thoughts too. These, if followed, will help reduce chronic pain.

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