Probably the best physical therapy experience I’ve ever had.Every person at the Wee’s Pain Clinic Office, from physical therapist to PT techs, made my visits more than just enjoyable, they made them fun! I’ve been recuperating from auto injury and Mr. Wee’s expertise in exercise rehabilitation is helping my shoulder so much. I would recommend to anyone looking for a professionally run clinic. Cheers!7.11.2019 Alex

I am writing this honest review to thank Dr. Wee, who helped me rehabilitate after an injuries from my car accident. First, because of my car accident, I had to undergo a neck surgery. Some hospitals around area might see their patients for money. However, I am so glad to meet someone like Dr.Wee, who saw his patients as real injured people and worked hard to enhance their wellbeing. – 5.23.2019

Before Wee’s Physical Therapy and Wellness Clinic, I visited two other physical therapy clinics but they were no help at all. They did not do it with the best of their abilities. But Dr.Wee was different. He was on his feet all the time, checked up his patients continuously, and wanted the best for his patients. They also had better equipment, and the place was bigger and nicer. I don’t want other victims of car accidents to go through terrible treatments like I did before Wee’s Physical Therapy and Wellness Clinic. If you are a victim of car accident and want to get the right treatment for your injuries, I highly recommend you to visit Wee’s Physical Therapy and Pain Clinic.  – 9.19.2018

In my experience, other pain clinics only offer ultrasound, hot pack, acupuncture, massage, and sometimes exercise. However, Wee’s Physical Therapy and Wellness Clinic provides additional treatments such as aqua massage and leg air massage. Once a week, I received neck massage from Dr. Wee for free since I had my neck surgery. He treats his patients more than he should and provides additional special services for their personal treatments.  – 7.4.2018

Dr. Wee makes sure to treat his patients on his own as well. The facility is fantastic and their gym is provided for our full advantage.Other clinics have many equipment; however, most of them are unusable for personal use. I recommend Wee’s Physical Therapy and Pain Clinic because they are genuine and work very hard for their patients. – 7.13.2017

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