Wee’s Three Promises

Consideration of patient
We understand the agony associated with pain and ache. We will treat you with utmost warmth so that you can be comfortably treated. Reservation will be made with ease and patient will be greeted warmly.
Accurate diagnosis
We will treat each patient one by one. Based on over 14 years of experience in clinical practice, we will accurately diagnose patient's symptom. Based on this finding, the cause and root of the pain will be identified and treated in a manner that’s of best interest to patient. We will not engage in any unethical practice and our goal remains the fastest recovery for our patient.
We will do our best
Wee’s Physical Therapy and Pain Clinic’s staffs will always try our best. We strive to improve quality of life by personalizing treatment to best fit each patient’s unique needs. Based on diligent research and data analysis, we assess each patient’s physical ability and potential to continuously seek best treatment for each and every patient. Please call us at 201-886-1200 and we will gladly answer any questions. Or feel free to write us.
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